Fourth of July, FYSOP, and Intersectionality


Happy Fourth of July from the Community Service Center! After a great weekend of fireworks, food and fun, all the coordinators for the 11 focus areas are back and working hard to plan an amazing week of FYSOP! A large emphasis of FYSOP is the connection between different focus areas, something we like to refer to as intersectionality. It’s important to realize that although each focus area is independently powerful and amazing, no real issue in our world lies in only one focus area. With intersectionality, we can combine and connect different focus areas to better understand the big picture and real issues in our society. For example, the Animals and Abilities focus areas connect with the use of service animals that help individuals with a wide range of abilities navigate their everyday lives. By taking these relationships into account we can gain a better understand of all of the focus areas and how they interact in everyday life. Our FYSOP coordinators have been working hard to help community members better understand the bigger picture of intersectionality. Check out their blogs this week, each focus area has posted an entry on how intersectionality relates to the work we do!

Summer Updates!

     We have some summer updates for you! Most importantly, we have finalized our decision of where the best froyo place is on campus. It was a close one between Cafe 472 and Angora, but the CSC summer staff overwhelmingly supports 472 for the winning title.
     Besides sampling various frozen yogurt, our Community Service Center staff has been up to some big things so far this summer. Our summer leadership staff has been working very hard to book coordinate service with various community partners across all of Boston, invite engaging and educational speakers, and plan thoughtful reflection activities for the week of FYSOP. Click this link to learn about all the summer staff, including the 22 FYSOP coordinators responsible for 11 different focus areas. You can also follow their blogs to see what they’re up to this summer and answer any questions you might have about FYSOP or Boston University in general! The coordinators will be posting periodically thought the summer, so check back for more information!
     The coordinators are in the process of finalizing their mission statements for their respective focus area, and are currently working on the visions for FYSOP. Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to contact us at through email at or call us at (617) 353-4710.
    As always, be sure to check out our website and stay active over social media through Facebook, Twitter (@heyfysop), Instagram, YouTube all summer long.


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 4.51.03 PMCongratulations Class of 2019!
Things are moving fast this summer here at the Community Service Center as we prepare for our First Year Student Outreach Project (FYSOP).  Its amazing that this will be the 26th year of FYSOP and we hope that you can join us for what will be a rewarding week full of service, reflection, and growth. Check out more information on our program below!
Program Mission Statement: The First-Year Student Outreach Project welcomes first-year and transfer students to Boston University and the Greater Boston area before the fall semester begins. FYSOP engages first-year volunteers and upperclassmen staff leaders through social justice education, service, and reflection. Our service works to address community-identified needs through eleven intersecting focus areas.

Program Dates: FYSOP 26 will run from Monday, August 24 through Friday, August 28, 2015. To see a sample FYSOP schedule and timeline, click here! Please note that this is a sample schedule, and the FYSOP 26 schedule is subject to change.

Register for FYSOP 26: Incoming first-year students can apply to be a volunteer with FYSOP 26 here!

Focus Areas: To learn more about our focus areas, click here. and work with our friends at Orientation to welcome you all to campus throughout the summer.

We are also working closely with our friends at Orientation to welcome you all to campus throughout the summer, Orientation Session 1 is this week and the campus is buzzing with excitement to meet all our new terriers.  Keep an eye out for student representatives of the Community Service Center when you’re on campus for Orientation.  We would love to talk to you about FYSOP, our academic year programs and any other questions or concerns you might have about Boston University!
You can check out some of our awesome academic year programs here:
Questions? Give us a call at 617-353-4710 between 9-5 EST from Monday through Friday or shoot as an email anytime at

FYSOP 24 is 2 days away!

We are super excited to greet the 850 FYSOP participants shipping up to Boston University in just two days.  As you prep for next week, check out the following links in mind for helpful information:

  • Check out our pre-departure packet, for all the information you’d want to know about FYSOP 24, particularly about move-in, social media, and the issue areas.
  • Our travel itinerary eventbrite page is now closed. If you have not yet filled it out to let us know how you will be getting to Boston University, please email  All FYSOP participants must fill out a travel itinerary in order to participate.
  • Our new website: has officially been launched! Please use this as a resource for the most up-to-date schedules, move-in information, and social media updates.
  • For answers to FAQs, check out the FAQs page on our website.
  • To learn more about your issue area, check out the issue area blogs, linked to our blog.

Cannot wait to meet each of you!  See you at the George Sherman Union plaza (775 Commonwealth Ave.) on Monday!

Check our your pre-departure packet!

Hey FYSOPers,

With FYSOP less than two weeks away, we’re getting really excited to meet you all and to get started on a great week of service and fun. We’ve prepared a pre-departure packet with everything you need to know about the program. Take a look at it and download it on your smartphones for easy access.

Tomorrow (Thursday, August 15), we’re hosting a Google hangout at 4 p.m. where you can meet your issue area coordinators. Post your Gmail address on the Facebook event to be invited.

If you have any last minute questions about FYSOP, give us a call at 617-353-4710 or email us at

Enjoy the last days of summer!