Mmm….Environment… We Durrtayy


Hey All!

Let us first start out by saying— ENVIRONMENT 19… WE DURRTAYYY!! Our names are Ariana and Kyle and we are the FYSOP 19 Environment Coordinators for this summer! We have already started counting down the days to FYSOP 19…52 days!

We are so excited to be working with the Environmental Organizations around Boston this summer! We have some excellent sites already lined up ( Wellfleet on the Cape, Kettle Pond Farm, Esplanade association.. the list goes on!)

We are actually both pretty new to environmental community service, but let us tell you- we are learning so much! For example, did you know that the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water a day, furthermore, if we do not control our water usage there is going to be roughly 36 states with severe water droughts by 2050. Eek! We have also been talking with some wonderful people in the greater Boston community who are excited to come talk to incoming students to teach them what they know. We have people coming in to potentially talk about the ever controversial subject… climate change… or even the Boston Harbour clean-up project!     

We will be keeping you updated throughout the summer- to let you know what we are doing and what we have planned!

Much Environment Love,

Ariana and Kyle


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