Human Rights 2009

Amnesty International volunteers
Amnesty International volunteers

Hello all!

Right now we’re working on writing our education packet and finding great service sites for the week of FYSOP in late August. We are looking for some awesome new sites, but we’ll be contacting almost all of the Human Rights sites from FYSOPs past within the next few days.

We’re really stoked to add transgender rights to the mix this year, while keeping the flame alive for immigrant and voting  rights and prison and healthcare reform.  Look for a delightful combination of all of these during Education Day, in the education packet, and on the ground during the week of FYSOP itself.

If you’re looking for some human rights news right now, the tiny island nation of Palau has agreed to host 17 prisoners from the soon-to-be closed Guantanamo Bay detention center. Here’s a link to an article to find out more: .

Check back soon,

Human Rights Coordinators

Ksenia Lanin and Jeremy Danz


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