A new blog…hope it doesn’t “grow old”! (harharhar)


grandparents with childWell, hi.

We’ve started our long and strange journey here in the FYSOP office, and even though we’re still gettin’ our feet wet, it is CLEARLY EVIDENT that FYSOP20 will be the cat’s pajamas. We’ve created a vigorous schedule that requires long, hard hours of dedication…and fun. We probably won’t get any sleep ’till September (or Brooklyn – Beastie Boys. check it.).  We’ve also chosen an awesome theme for our issue area that we’re pretty excited about…we’re not sure if it’s supposed to be a secret, so we won’t say anything just yet. (HINT#1: 5 cents in the evening….)

But really, we’re having a great time working together (awww) and learning a lot about the elders issue area already. For example – did you know that 2.5 million grandparents are responsible for one or more grandchildren who live with them? Yikes. We’ll be meeting a ton of awesome grandparents on all of our site visits and can’t wait to introduce the volunteers to all these cool cats.

All of the other FYCOs are hard at work in the office, and it’s been awesome watching the program take shape. Clearly, our issue area is going to be “the bomb dot com” (ahem, Brandon) and we can’t wait to make it the best FYSOP ever! And HOW.

That’s all folks!

-Brittany and Mike


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