We’re just kicking it old school in the Community Service Center, calling some sites, Google-ing like it’s our job, and making a sick Ed Packet. You know…the usual. We know that Brittany and Mike have claimed that their theme is awesome, but ours is mind blowing. WORD. That said, we can’t wait for FYSOP so that we can share the love we have as co-coordinators with all of YOU.

We’ve only been in the office for a week and FYSOP is already in full swing. In fact, we’ve booked 3 sites for our HIV/AIDS awareness FYSOPers that we’re thrilled about. We’re also looking forward to further extending our service into the realm of Public Health!

Working with this gem of an issue area is the greatest privilege. It’s relevance is astounding and it’s potential even more so. As your coordinators, we’re dreaming big and looking to take HIV/AIDS awareness in a new direction this year. We can’t wait. And we hope you can’t either.

In the meantime, if you want to get your awareness on, you should hit up your local H&M store. They just launched a brand new campaign called Fashion Against Aids that works to “help fight the disease and raise youth awareness.” The proceeds of a portion of their sales will go to various outreach projects. What better excuse to go shopping, than to support such a great cause! GET THAT.

If you’re not up for shopping, you should definitely check out their website at http://www.hm.com/us/#/faa2009/ . Slash if you wanted to create your own awareness/music video and e-mail it to us, we wouldn’t hate it!!!

HIV/AIDS Awareness is about to get REAL.

Sarah and Shannon


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