Go GF Go GF Go!!!!


What’s up Gender Focus!!!

Coming to you live from the BU Community Service Center, this is Holly and Kyle, your coordinators for the summer. We are beyond excited to be working on such a powerful issue area that affects each and every one of us, and we hope to take Gender Focus above and beyond where it’s ever gone before. We’d love to get your feedback, ideas, questions, minor grievances, etc. at our e-mail: fysopgf@gmail.com. Let us know what you think, what you’d like to see from Gender Focus, and what you’re interested in in the issue area!


We’re bringing in some new topics for Gender Focus this year that are going to broaden the horizons of all things GF. We want to look at pornography and how it affects cultural views of sexuality, gender roles, and body image. We also want to check out some of the derogatory language our society uses for different groups of people, such as women or the LGBTQ community, and examine where this language came from and why we find it offensive. We think that will be a great way to not only dissolve some of the stereotypes surrounding GF groups but also make everyone take a personal look at why we find certain language offensive. In the tradition of the great GF groups before us, we will of course be focusing on the main topics of Domestic Violence, Body Image/Eating Disorders, and LGBTQ, which are the crucial substance of our issue area.


This week we’ve been checking out sites, old and new, and brainstorming some ideas for our Ed Day packet. We’re looking at some great sites that will give our volunteers direct interaction with people directly affected by GF issues, and that will raise awareness about the issue area. We’re also starting research for our Ed Day Packet, which will be an exciting conglomeration of facts, pictures, and info about all things Gender Focus!!


That’s all for now, folks- we hope you enjoyed our weekly blog update, and we’ll be blogging again soon!!!



Peace, love & Gender Focus


Holly & Kyle


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