Hey Disabilities



Disabilities here, and we have officially begun our trek on this long journey to bring you an absolutely amazing Fysop.  This year Fsyop is celebrating a big birthday, it’s two decades old (woahhh), so we have to make sure that this year is kickin’.  Currently, we are looking at some fabtabulous new sites and some rip-roaring new speakers.
Alright, now on a more serious note, we have been doing a ton of research and are really hoping to take the disabilities issue area in a whole new direction.  We really want to work on showing that people who have disabilities are simply just people, like you and me.  We are hoping to focus a lot of energy on integrating and including people with disabilities in every day tasks, schooling, and work area.  In fact, for one site opportunity we are hoping to bring in a number of people who have disabilities to thAlana Wallace and Dance Detoure university to work collaboratively with them in an effort to help another charity (super cool, I know).      In our search, we came upon the story of Alana Wallace.  Alana is a member of a fully integrated dance team, Dance Detour.  They truly are a wonderful dance team and we would love for you to check them out.  <http://www.dancedetour.org/>

Hope all is well,

Kimberly and Keith

P.S. We challenge you to be more courteous this summer in your speech.  Let’s work together to eliminate negative words like retarded, lame, and dumb.


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