We love children <3

Hello everyone!

So now that training is over, we are finally delving into our fabulous issue area, CHILDREN! We are officially on the road to the most super FYSOP ever! I mean, this program is celebrating quite the milestone with its 20th birthday coming up! The first week was very exciting, as we basically started a bit of everything.

First off, we have been calling many sites, and just last Wednesday, we visited HeadStart in Jamaica Plain. Everyone was so nice and so excited to have our volunteers come in August. And not only did we have a great site visit, but we met a wonderful family on the T-ride back. They were on their way to orientation, and we showed them where to go. We got to meet back up with those parents at the orientation parents’ reception Thursday night, which was a BLAST! Promoting FYSOP is a grand old time!

child poverty

Back to our lovely office work, we have four other site visits lined up for the next few weeks, including both old AND new sites! We are also currently working on our Ed Day Packet, and we are really stoked about our theme for Children this year (which we will not disclose at this time!). Our staff has been great about responding to our questions for the EDP, but the hard part is the research.

There is just so much to learn about Children, since essentially every issue area effects ours in some way. So we’re just working on trying to learn everything we can right now, and deciding what direction we really want to take our issue this year and what we really want to focus on. One specific issue we have been looking into lately is child poverty. In the world, one billion children live in poverty. Furthermore, 12 Million of those children live in America and 178,000 of those live in Massachusetts. It is such a big problem, and one that even hits us right here in Boston. So we will definitely be looking into sites to incorporate that issue if we can.

One of the more difficult tasks we have right now is trying to find good speakers for Ed Day. We want our speaker to be informative and engaging, so we have to keep working on that. So while we keep up the hard work, you do your part and have a great summer!

Katie & Eddie


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