Don’t Rain On My Human Rights

Hey Hey!Refugees heading home on the T after a job interview

Here at the Community Service Center we have survived another week of cold and rainy Boston weather. However, we have not allowed it to get us down. This week we went on 1½ site visits and met one of the most amazing men in Boston: Guy Apollon, from Haitian Multi-Service Center in Dorchester. Guy really loved FYSOP’s mission, and we think this site has tons of potential.

On a sad note, Boston’s branch of the International Rescue Committee closed down this month. The IRC has welcomed and resettled 25,000 refugees in the Boston area in the past 30 years, specializing in assisting refugees with serious medical problems. The program could no longer operate in lieu of the recession, low government funding, and the rising cost of living in the Boston area. However, the IRC has 23 other regional offices around the country including Atlanta, GA: an Alternative Spring Breaks destination.

Looking around the world, we are exited to see people taking to the streets to stand up for their human rights. We have all seen the inspiring images coming out of Iran, but a less media focused protest took place in Peru with horribly devastating outcomes. Read more

We sincerely hope the weather is treating you better wherever you all may be.

Much FYSOP Love,

Jeremy and Ksenia
Your Human Rights Coordinators

Refugees heading home on the T after a job interview

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