What’s going ON everyone? Environment coming at ya.

Here in Boston it’s absolutely beautiful and everything is starting to get rolling. We can’t wait to see all our lovely staff and students in August but for now we’ve got plenty of stuff to do in order to help save the environment. Especially here in Boston, lots of stuff is going on that you should know:offshore_wind_turbine

Just two weeks ago, Governor Deval Patrick gave the go ahead for the Cape Cod Wind Project on Nantucket Sound. The plan has been in the works for seven years and it finally looks like it’s going to happen. When installed the energy from the wind turbines will power more than 500,000 homes in Massachusetts and provide jobs for hundreds of people in the area.

In a study that came out in March, Boston was declared the 11th best city in America for Energy Star buildings. Energy star buildings are buildings that use 35% less energy and emit 35% less Carbon dioxide than regular buildings.

We just got back from a site visit at the Serving Ourselves Farm in Quincy and had a great time. The 2.5 acre organic farm provides food for a local organic food market and a homeless shelter. It’s an absolutely beautiful site right by the water, and should be a ton of fun for our freshmen and staff in August as they’ll be harvesting a wide variety of veggies.

We’ve still got a lot to work on including our Education Day packet which has an awesome theme although we cannot reveal it just yet. We’re still working on booking sites but it looks like we’ll be heading to the Zoo, to several farms, doing beach cleanups along the cape and possibly working with the Audubon Society.

Thanks for reading and remember the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in your every day life.

Keep it green,

Maddie and Seth


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