Hunger: we’re mmm mmm good



So this week we’ve been visiting sites (they’re all AWESOME) and we’ve been learning a whole lot more about our issue area. In the city of Boston 8.1% of all Massachusetts households are currently food insecure. That means that 8.1% of Bostonians can’t afford to buy enough nutritious food to live a healthy life.
It’s not just about having food – it’s about having the RIGHT KINDS of food. Massachusetts households are even more at risk this year for having to chose between paying rent and paying for food. Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts citizens will definitely need help to cover the basics this year since prices have gone up across the board, especially for our good foods – fresh vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains.
But that’s why organizations like Project Bread and The Greater Boston Food Bank are doing a great job at kicking hunger’s butt!
The Greater Boston Food Bank salvages and redistributes 30 MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD and grocery products every year!
And Project Bread funds emergency food projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts every year. In addition, Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger takes place every year and this past year raised almost 4 million dollars to help feed the hungry! With organizations like this in place we’re on the right track to feeding the hungry.
Now go enjoy some ice cream – cause it’s summer and we LOVE food.

Your Food Lovers,
Danny & Steph


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