“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?”


Yo yo check it,

All the elders be in the hizzouse! Sorry about that… All apologies to the faithful following of readers we’ve accumulated since last week (all 1/2 of you). We’re still on a mild karaoke high from Thursday night. In case you haven’t heard, we FYCOs get to help out at orientation and that involves running a karaoke booth. The awesomeness is best characterized by Ray Curran (H&H FYCO) free styling about FYSOP.


The noble adventurers B-rit and M-ike got their feet wet in service (and literally) by going on not 1, not 2, but Thuh-ree different site visits in and around Boston last week. Dang flip-flops and puddles… The sites were amazing and there’s going to be tons of activities to do with the elders.

But not all elders have the luxury of staying in assisted living facilities. Although the national homelessness rate has dropped in past years (it dropped 30 percent between 2005-2007), the recent economic situation has put a strain on many citizens, especially elders. The Social Security payment is not enough to cover the cost of living in an expensive city such as Boston. Mortgages, groceries, and prescriptions come at a higher cost than in other areas of the country, and elders are often left struggling to meet their payments. Many students would be surprised to learn that there are more elders in this city than they think…

Because– Boston is ruled by kollege kidz right? Wrong! Kind of. Persons over 65 years of age make up 10.4% of the population of Boston. This is lower than the national average of 13%, but they are not as migratory as the typical college student. Speaking of Boston and the elderly, the Boston Commission on Affairs of the Elderly would like to call attention to very real issue of heat exhaustion that the elderly and those with medical conditions face on hot and humid days. Do your part to be a good neighbor and keep an eye on those who may be at risk. Thank you!

These two young whippersnappers are rolling out of here.

Brittany and Mike


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