34 Letters=6 Words About FYSOP, Hunger Style

Euphoria- different atmosphere, your in a new time, place, setting, meeting people who are looking to have a great time/ bond with you

Woot- every once and a while, you just wanna say WOOT WOOT!!!!! (Celebratory sound of expression :))

Spontaneity- sparks of ideas, never knowing what can happen, different interactions every second of the day, experiencing feelings that you may have never felt before

I personally choose these three words cause they were the first three words that came into my head. I am all about being spontaneous 🙂 and then along with that came WOOT! FYSOP is all about celebration and cheers. FYSOP is a setting that is like a utopia which brings euphoria 🙂

So instead of picking three individual words I went with a three word phrase: ROCK THIS CITY
I picked this phrase for a couple reasons but mostly because FYSOP really does ROCK the city of Boston. The past two years I’ve done FYSOP have been the most exciting and thrilling ways to kick off the year at BU and I’m even more pumped to start off this year.
– Steph

Your Food Lovers 4ever
Danny & Steph


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