Elders tres palabras about FYSOP

Mike’s word word words:

Epic- FYSOP is an amazing program where 600 first-years and 150 upperclassmen come together to do about 11,250 hours of community service. That’s longer than it takes to read the Iliad. Epic I’d say
Caritas- Latin Word for charity but carries with it the added meaning of total selfless love. FYLOVE
Dance Party- What could be more fun? Besides Karaoke… (For those of you who haven’t been following along, FYSOP karaoke is a huge hit at orientation)

Brittany’s three thrilling th–words.

Unique: For my summer job last year, I spent my days and evenings behind a hostess podium at a restaurant. Standard. The year before that, I babysat. Cliche. This year, I get to work in an office with 17 crazy people who are my age, putting together an awesome community service program for 600 first-years. Need I say more?
Hectic: As much as I LOVE everyone here, sometimes the work paired with the personalities in this office can be a little…ahem…overwhelming. Let’s just say I’m running more this summer than I did during the spring semester, because I really cherish that alone time. Nevertheless, the crazier it gets, the more I love it.
Amusing: Sometimes I feel like I’m back in my junior year summer, babysitting again. I used to love to babysit because kids’ personalities never cease to amuse me, I’m always laughing and often impressed with the way they think. Although I’m not working with a bunch of 5,8, and 10-year-olds, the plethora of interesting personalities and opinions in the office keeps me on my toes. The issue areas all have something to offer, and sure, most of them involve heavy stuff, but there’s also a lot of really inspiring and funny things to be learned about FYSOP issue areas.


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