Environment-Seth and Maddie

Here we go the 3 words are, drum roll please:

Breathtaking: Because when you walk into Melville Lounge for the closing ceremonies on Friday night after a week of grueling 8am-11pm days with amazing service and see that much energy, excitement and emotion its the only natural reaction. Seeing the end product and the change in the first years, the staff members and us as coordinators really is mind blowing, and can occasionally stop you from breathing-be cautious.

Inspiring: This program cuts summer a week short for 750 college students to do community service? and they do it voluntarily? You must be kidding! Its inspiring to see the dedication, the passion and the enthusiasm that every Fysoper and Fystaff has for community service and the change that we can make in just one week.

Unforgettable: Because of all the great things that I’ve experienced at BU my two FYSOPS have left me with so many ridiculous experiences and amazing friends. But most importantly I’ve developed a t thirst for service and a knowledge of the issues that will always keep me doing community service during my career here at BU and beyond.

Keep it green guys and keep turning in those applications
Seth “Coach” Orensky


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