How do Katie and Eddie feel about FYSOP?

My three words that describe how I feel about FYSOP: Giddy, Overwrought, and Fervent.
I chose giddy because I’ve definitely been really giddy about FYSOP 20 and am SO pumped! In conjunction with that, I feel overwrought-meaning extremely excited-about working with our staff. I look forward to staff training. And finally, fervent is pretty self-explanatory…I’m just really excited!!!! YEAH CHILDREN (btdubs, best issue area ever!)

So far, the past 2 FYSOPS and now my THIRD make me feel…MOTIVATED, INFLUENTIAL, & HAPPY! FYSOP gets me super motivated for the year to come, and I could not imagine starting a school year without it. FYSOP also give me the feeling that I am influential: as a volunteer in the sense that I am able to give something back to the city I spend so much time in; as a staff member because I got to really interact with first-year students and be with them their first week ever of college; now as a FYCO I get to help shape FYSOP 20 into what hopefully will be the best yet! And finally, HAPPY! FYSOP is full of so much love, compassion, caring, friendship, laughter, ect…essentially all the things I look for everyday, but is almost a guarantee for the week of FYSOP! Many of my happiest moments at BU have been during FYSOP and I know it will continue to bring others that same happiness and I cannot wait!


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