3 AWESOME words from Coral and Ray

Ray’s three words about how FYSOP makes him feel: Insatiable- I cannot get enough of FYSOP!  Ever since I did it my freshman year I have always just wanted to keep doing it.  It does a great job at showing everyone how much fun can be had while doing awesome service.   


Jackhammer-  A jackhammer breaks the old foundations that were laid in the ground, just like FYSOP breaks the preconceptions gets you ready to learn a whole lot more.  It also wakes you up and makes you think about service like a jackhammer wakes you up while there’s construction going on outside your window!  Echo – The impact that FYSOP makes does not end after the week itself is over.  The reverberations will hopefully keep getting louder and the knowledge that is gained will spread.  



And does it reverberate!  Hey peoples, its Coral!  I don’t know why Ray addressed himself in the third-person, but here are my 3 FYSOP words:

caulktastic- FYSOP seals the soul. Its like some silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, polyurethane and/or  acrylic COSMIC sealant!


nailrrific- no, its not that 1970s band from Colorado. We are as tough as nails and as driven as hammers.  In this team, no one gets left behind.                        

plasterdinaire- FYSOP is the best way to obtain a cohesive base at BU. It provided me with a solid foundation as a freshmen and a smooth finish as a senior. 

HH FACT: Nails at least go back to the Ancient Roman period.


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