So we’ve been searching deep down in our souls to pick the perfect words to describe our favorite thing in the world. And Shannon and I have really big vocabularies, so I mean it’s been a real struggle. But somehow we managed to do it, somehow we pulled through, and here’s what we came up with:

FYSOP is the perfect time to Live It Up. Live It Up by being yourself while you make friends and being accepted. Live It Up by giving back to your community to your full potential. Live It Up by just enjoying yourself during every fantastic aspect of the fantastic FYSOP experience!!!


FYSOP really is all of these things. As often as the word ‘epic’ gets abused these days, I know it can sometimes lose its meaning. But I am here to tell you that FYSOP brings more meaning to the word epic. More than could ever be imagined.

FYSOP is equally as mind blowing as it is epic. In fact, I can confidently say “ Never have I ever: Been so mind blown in my LIFE as I am during FYSOP season. “ This project is a massive wake up call. It plants the seeds for a social conscience. It infuses you with a genuine feeling of social responsibility. It makes you feel at home in Boston. And it gives you friends that will blow your mind for the rest of your life. Done and done.

– Sarah


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