The Words on the Street from Gender Focus

From Holly:  “One giant leap“.

FYSOP is an enormous leap of faith, terror, and utter craziness all rolled into one. As a FYSOP Coordinator, I have so many ideas and plans for Gender Focus, and I want the freshmen and staff to truly experience and understand the issues involved in GF. I want them to feel the same passion and excitement for GF that I feel, and I want them to come away with with a greater respect for the people around them. As a Coordinator, sometimes it’s intimidating to call sites or speak to people about issues that are so close to home, but you have to take that chance with the hope that the reward will be a week of FYSOP that will truly open people’s eyes to issues so crucial in our world. FYSOP is one giant leap for me because I’m learning new things every single day; things that shock me and awe me, things that make me want to make the world a better place. We all can, once we take that one giant leap outside our comfort zones and into the fabulous world of FYSOP.

From Kyle: Colorful. Loud. Zestful.

Colorful.  I’ve always seen has always been something of a moasic to me.  There are so many different types of people who come through FYSOP with so many different personalities, so many different backgrounds, and so many reasons for wanting to take part in service.

Loud. I’ve never heard so few people make so much noise in my life than at FYSOP.  There is soo much yelling and screaming and singing and chanting that by the end of the week you can’t hear or speak because you’ve been bombarded and have been bombarding everyone around you with noise.  I also chose “loud” because FYSOP makes a very “loud” impact onto the city of Boston and the surround area through its service, and it is something very noticable by those who are aided through the project.

Zestful. FYSOP is such an exciting for the Coordinators, the Staff, and the First-Years.  Full of zest and enjoyment, you can easly feel elated through the activities and service that FYSOP provides.  My FYSOP experience as a freshmen has always been one of the foremost memories in my mind after three full years of college.  It is that sort of zestful experience that I want to provide everyone participating in the 20th year of FYSOP.


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