The Rhythm’s gonna getcha!

The song I choose is “Somewhere only we know” by Keane.  While being pretty catchy and soothing, it also helps explain how I feel about FYSOP.  While it’s not exactly “the end of everything,” it does symbolize the end of high school and the beginning of four great years at college.  FYSOP is “somewhere to begin” as the song says.  The fun and entire experience of FYSOP is so hard to explain and ends up being “somewhere only we know” and love. (Ray)

As the guitar strums the opening bars of “Bailamos,” my mind can only conjure one thought: HOMELESSNESS&HOUSING.  The Spanish-pop star sensation Enrique Iglesias couldn’t have phrased it better when he whispers “te quiero, no lo niego.”  This lyrical masterpiece got it right in English and in Spanish: I love H&H and I can’t deny it! Heck, Enrique I won’t even whisper it!  I’ll say it loudly and proudly, though maybe not as seductively.  We shall dance-or as the Latin crooner would say bailamos- to the rhythm of service. We CAN make anything happen, Enrique.  ¡Bailamos! (Coral)


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