F-Y-S-O-P, Here’s what Elders Mean to Me

Despite having no music skills what-so-ever, we are probably the most musical FYCOs you’ll ever meet. By that I mean they’ve mentioned lots of songs in their previous blog posts. Today’s special post is all about what song we feel best fits the Elders issue area. Sit back to enjoy the tunes and lyrical prose of their explanations.

Mike’s Jammin’ Response:

Brett Dennen – Blessed

Life is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, as people age and approach the end of their lives, a great number of them become isolated due to personal illness and death of friends and family. According to the National Institute of Health, 7 million of the 35 million Americans aged 65 or older suffer from depression. Almost 25% of the people living in Nursing Homes suffer from depression. But the FYSOP Elders Issue Area is all about forming community and letting the elderly know they are cared for and loved. By working with them we hope to share a love of life, “Blessed is this life and I’m going to celebrate being alive!”.

Brittany’s song:
“I Wanna Grow Old with You” -Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer

Some people dread growing older. They don’t like the idea of losing their independence and requiring the help and care of others. I think the elders staff and first-years will learn how much fun it is to go and visit elders in different facilities during FYSOP, and realize that it’s an uplifting experience more often than not. Some elders have partners or groups of friends that they’ve known three times as long as college freshman have been alive. That’s amazing. I can’t wait until I’m 95 and my day’s plans are determined by whatever my heart desires. It will be even better if i have someone, whether it’s a spouse (maybe spouse number 3 or 4…I get bored pretty easily) or a friend that I can reminisce and cause trouble with. And maybe someone will even sing to me from the loudspeaker of a plane, offering to carry me around when my arthritis is bad.

-Mike Zimmerman and Brittany Rehmer


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