Amelia Bedelia & Me

Amelia Bedelia…what a lady. She taught me so much. Amelia Bedelia is a piece of inspiration for me. While it may not be up there with Harry Potter, that woman has a sweet place in my heart. Her clumsiness and lack of common sense give me hope, as I can occasionally (of course very rarely) exhibit those qualities. The one I read in particular many, many times as a child is Good Work, Amelia Bedelia, in which she is given a list of chores to do around the house, and ends up doing each one very wrong. However, it was not her fault; she was just not given proper directions. Amelia Bedelia is a sweetheart and always has good intentions, even if things don’t turn out as expected. And regardless, people still love her. Just goes to show there’s a place for everyone in this world!




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