“The future is no place/ to place your better days”

When asked to choose a song that fits with FYSOP, I chose “Cry Freedom”Steve Biko by Dave Matthews Band. Matthews wrote the song in honor of Steve Biko (pictured left), the South African anti-apartheid activist who became a martyr for the movement after dying in police custody. The name “Cry Freedom” is actually taken from the 1987 film with the same title, which chronicles the late activist’s life. Though inspired by the South African cause, the song’s lyrics, I think, are a good reminder to any organization that seeks to make the world a better place. And though the song’s tone is sad, it is also hopeful; hopeful that the crowds of people trying to do good “will not subside;”  that people will overcome the “gold” and “fear” that  separate the human race; that we can realize how “hands and feet are all alike,” and we are all equals. At FYSOP, we embody this cause by overcoming the obstacles that irrationally divide us as people. And, as shown from the thousands of hours  of service we put in, we certainly work towards placing our better days today, and not putting off the work for the future.




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