I Applied For FYSOP: Now What??

Hey All!

We are the Registration Committee for FYSOP 22! Our group consists of seven coordinators who get together each week to download, read, and process all of the applications that come in. We are hard at work processing the hundreds of applications we have already received in anxious anticipation of what promises to be the best FYSOP yet! Here’s how the registration process breaks down:

First we download all the applications from our online system. From there we move the apps into an Excel spreadsheet which then gets transferred into a Mail Merge. Still following? If you’re feeling a little lost never fear; the first time this process was explained to us all we heard were words and concepts flying right over our heads. In a nutshell all that is a fancy way of saying we get your apps from online and put them in a readable format.

From there, the applications are divided amongst all of us, so we can read each individual essay. That’s right, we actually read all the essays. As we read, we look at issue area rankings and essays to help us place each applicant into an issue area. Gender Focus coordinator Sam Smith has the special task of reading all of the incoming scholarship applications. Throughout the summer Sam will be working with the Office of Financial Assistance to budget scholarships for all those who apply.


adamweaverpicAfter reading applications we all meet on Tuesday mornings to discuss the readings and the placements. Once that meeting is over, Environment coordinator Courtney Frederico and Disabilities coordinator Adam Weaver set to work inputting all of the information from accepted applicants into our master FYSOP database. Once the information is in the database, Homelessness and Housing coordinator Sam Bernard uses the contact info to email acceptance letters to all the applicants! Sam B

As FYSOP approaches, our final two positions members get to work. As accepted students start to send in their travel itineraries, HIV/AIDS coordinator Zach Meyer and Human Rights coordinator Bree Potter coordinate the pickup and move-in of students during the week of FYSOP. BreeLast but not least, Children coordinator Olivia Costigan uses all of the complied info to fill the student folders and design/print out the nametags for ALL 1,000 incoming students!

And that my friends is how the well-oiled machine that is the registration committee runs. If you have any questions about our committee or FYSOP feel free to call us at 617-353-4710. Also, be on the look-out for upcoming blogs from other project committees and Issue Area coordinators. See you all soon!


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