FYSOP Education Day

FYSOP’s Education Day, Tuesday August 30, is a unique experience that addresses not only specific problems within each issue area, but also how the issue areas come together – what we call “FYSOP Fusion”. We’re particularly excited this year for our Education Day because George Khaldun, the chief administrative officer of the Harlem Children’s Zone, will be speaking to all of FYSOP.

The Harlem Children’s Zone is well-known for its unique model of education reform, which focuses on how community affects a child’s development. Mr. Khaldun has been instrumental in the planning and expansion of Harlem Children’s Zone’s programs, creation of the charter school, Promise Academy, and management training for Harlem Children Zone’s employees. During his tenure, the Harlem Children’s Zone has more than tripled its number of employees, participants, and programs offered. Below he speaks in a United Nations webcast about how to go about education reform in the United States:

The Children’s issue area will be hearing more from George Khaldun later in the day, but we’re thrilled to have him start Education Day off on the right note. If you want more information on Mr. Khaldun or the Harlem Children’s Zone, check out their website: www.hcz.org


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