A little preview of FYSOP social events!

So for those of you who are FYSOP newbies, on Tuesday and Thursday nights we will have a bunch of social events planned that you choose from! Urban Renewal and Disabilities FYCOs Alys & Chrissy have been working hard this summer on the Social Events & Donations (aka Fun Stuff & Free Things) committee to put these nights together. This year, they’ve added a lot of new events and we can’t wait for you to hear about them so we’ll give you a sneak preview.

There are a few events we’re particularly excited for. One being an acapella show featuring two of BU’s premiere acapella groups- Chords and the BosTones!

Here’s a little sneak preview of what you’ll be seeing if you go to the show in the Morse Auditorium on Thursday night-

Chordially Yours (featuring Children’s FYCO Olivia!!) singing Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘The Chain’ last year

The BosTones performing Sara Bareilles’ ‘Gravity’

Another event you definitely don’t want to miss is a viewing of Zoolander at Coolidge Theatre in Coolidge Corner. There’s also a ton of great ice cream & froyo places you can hit up before the movie! Like the ever famous JP Licks and the refreshing weigh and pay Berry Freeze.

Also at Coolidge Theatre, they will be providing refreshments and prizes free of charge!


Last but absolutely not least, we will be screening the Red Sox vs. Yanks games during both nights!! If there’s one thing you want to be a part of as a new Bostonian, it is definitely Red Sox nation. Even if you are rooting for the other side, feel free to stop by BU Central on Tuesday night and nom on some Raising Cane’s chicken and bread sticks (conveniently located in BU’s west campus). We will also have Red Sox prizes like signed baseballs and other paraphernalia to give out.

Who doesn’t love a little 8th inning Sweet Caroline action?

Other events include a sketch comedy show featuring BU’s Slow Children at Play and The Callbacks, a night of laser tag and a night of giant twister & tricycle riding put on by the Programming Council, a photobooth, JP Licks table, a DJ on the BU beach and some trips into the city!

We will be providing a list of all events to everyone so you can see what events are on which days and the times and locations of each event.

Hope to see you there!


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