FYSOP: Why we can’t wait!

We asked our FYSOP coordinators what they’re most excited about for FYSOP, and decided to highlight some of their responses to give you a better idea of what to expect for FYSOP and what you can look forward to:

Emma, Human Rights coordinator:

Alison & Zach, HIV/AIDS Awareness coordinators:

Alyssa, Hunger coordinator:

So FYSOP is less than 2 weeks away, WHAT? When did the summer fly by? But what I really mean when I ask that question is: when did these 4 years pass by? I’m a senior, and this is my last FYSOP, and I’m excited to be spending it with you all. But I think I’m most excited to pass along this program that has shaped my years at BU so much to all 1,000+ of you.

As a freshman I applied to FYSOP after being introduced to the program by my DAD of all people. He had met someone at the Thursday night jazz reception during my orientation, who had said that FYSOP was their best experience at BU. And what do you know?! It’s mine too. I got accepted into the HIV/AIDS issue area, my number one choice…FYSOP 19, HIV/AIDS,  Captain America’s

I was introduced to Sir Jasper, the pony that is ridden, the mode of transportation known as a little red wagon. I got the beat, hey FYSOP, I got the beat. But more importantly, I was introduced to a world of people who loved to do community service as much as I did. And that little tid-bit is what made applying for FYSOP the best thing I ever did for myself.

From there I had two amazing years as staff:

FYSOP 20, Disabilities, Mamma Mia’s

FYSOP 21, Enviornment, Chernobyl Cheetahs

And now, FYSOP 22 has come (almost), and I cannot wait to have a new favorite picture to represent my HUNGER ALLIANCE experience. I cannot wait to watch everything come together after this amazing summer of planning. I cannot wait for you all to fall in love with FYSOP 22, and I’m most excited to fall in love with FYSOP 22 right alongside you.

See you guys super soon.




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