FYSOP 22 Capsule

Hey guys,

Its been almost 3 weeks since FYSOP 22 ended and we hope that a lot of you are still enjoying the FYSOP high. FYSOP might only last a week but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to make an impact on the city of Boston through our center (applications available online: bu.edu/csc) or through other venues. Below is a collection of multimedia moments from the week of FYSOP that we put together for your viewing pleasure. If we missed anything just post a comment and we’ll try to add the link.

Seth and Holly
FYSOP 22 Program Managers

Facebook (Community Service Center):
FYSOP Rendition of Otis:
Opening Ceremonies: Guinness Book of World Records (Spirit Fingers)
FYSOP Coordinators Introduction Video (Parody of Popular TV Shows)

There are more videos and content from the week under the videos. Just click on the Videos tab on the left sidebar on the CSC page to view them all.

CSC’s BUniverse:
FYSOP 22 Slideshow from Closing Ceremonies
FYSOP 22 Coordinators Say Thank You
FYSOP 22 Elders Staff Winning Cheer (Staff Week)
Erik Rojas’ Montage of His Week As a Children Staffer

There are a lot more cheer camp videos from all your staff. Just surf through the newest videos, you can even check out the videos from the other 12 programs at the Community Service Center.

We only have a small smattering of photos but posted them in our album called FYSOP22. If you have more that you’d like to share please send them to us at fysop@bu.edu and we’ll add them to the album.


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