2nd Week in the Office!

Hey y’all! We have been working hard (hardly working? jk) on FYSOP 23! We have been in the office for two weeks now and we are so excited for the summer. Every issue area has confirmed multiple sites, and things are looking up.

Just a quick recap of what has happened in the last week:

Week 1: We started contacting sites and establishing our work plan for the summer. We worked with Orientation to plug FYSOP and welcome new students to campus, and many of the students had actually already signed up before arriving! We got a taste of what the rest of the summer would look like, and we ached for more.

Week 2: We started booking sites a lot faster and multiple issue areas started visiting sites while we continued to clarify our responsibilities for the summer. FYSOP continued to prove to be a hit at Orientation, and we aroused a lot of interest in FYSOP and the other twelve Community Service Center programs as well.

We are looking forward to our second group service project, visiting The Food Project in Beverly, MA on the 30th of June! Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to follow the Boston University Community Service Center’s twitter, @BUCSC, and certainly, don’t forget to apply for FYSOP!


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