Off to the Food Project, Beverly MA!!!

Hey, Community! FYSOP is approaching faster than we expected, and we are hard at work booking sites, booking speakers, and organizing what is basically the best week ever. We are putting in a lot of hours at the office, and so that we don’t forget that we are, after all, a Community Service Center, on Saturday, we went to The Food Project in Beverly, MA. The Food Project is an organization that gets local teens and young adults involved in sustainable agriculture and farming while they learn about broader issues of food justice. Both the Environment and Hunger issue area will be attending this site! While on the farm, we helped out with weeding, spreading wood chips, and distributing fresh compost from the local area to the plant beds. We enjoyed delicious snap peas straight from the vine and many of us discovered the lovely culinary qualities of a common weed called purslane which actually tasted delicious. More importantly, we learned how sustainable agriculture can bring communities together. Through Community Supported Agriculture, locals who wish to eat healthier and sustainable crops can subscribe and support a local farmer who will deliver food to the patron’s door. As a result, a direct relationship is established between the farmer and the eater. The farmer also has support if there is a bad harvest so he or she doesn’t go under after one bad year of farming. Also, the youth who are employed often stay with The Food Project and continue to support and work with them into college, many of them continuing on to work in the field of food justice. The taste of service reignited us and we cannot wait for FYSOP23! Don’t forget to apply!


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