As July comes to a close and August is upon us, the CSC has one thing on its mind: FYSOP23. With only a few weeks left to prepare for this community service project, the office is in full swing! While the FYCO’s are finalizing their Ed Day packets, Ed Day itself, and site locations, the incoming first years must be patiently waiting their arrival on campus for a life-changing experience known as the First Year Student Outreach Project. Not only will FYSOP kick off their college experience, but also enhance their knowledge and learning about the Greater Boston community through service.

As if August 27th can’t come soon enough, the incoming first years have another date that they can’t wait for: August 9th Phone-a-thon! On this day, the FYCO’s will be individually calling all of their FYSOPers to welcome them into their chosen issue area! This is a great time for the FYSOPer’s to ask any questions that they may have regarding the program, service events, and move-in! So, if we were you, FYSOPers, we would have our phones on loud and easily accessible all throughout that day so you don’t miss your phone call! However, not to fret, if for some reason you don’t answer (because you are so busy planning on what to bring to BU or just jamming out to the Biebs), they will leave you a voicemail and most likely call back the next day or so! In the words of Carly Rae Jepsen, call us (back), maybe?

The FYCO’s cannot contain their excitement as FYSOP nears and are even more excited to meet all of the incoming first years to BU! We also hope that the freshmen take away as much from the program as the FYCO’s and PM’s have put in for this program. Everyone is working so hard to make this the best FYSOP yet! Once again, there are still some slots open for FYSOP, so if you know of anyone who hasn’t signed up and wants to , the deadline is August 1st– so HURRY UP!

Like us on facebook @Boston University FYSOP, follow us on twitter @bucsc, and check out our website for more information!


FYSOP staff


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