Amber Glass in Avignon

Hey BU!

Bridget Burgoyne in London

As the newest Program Managers for FYSOP 24, we are super excited to start planning for FYSOP 24 and wanted to start by introducing ourselves.  Since we’re both tour guides, we’re pretty tired of your standard BU intro, so we thought we’d share some of the things we have in common.

  • We’ve both studied abroad twice (covering Costa Rica, Grenoble, Madrid & Padova).
  • We’re both FYSOP junkies, headed into our fifth FYSOP and together we’ve covered Elders, HIVAIDs (RIP), GF, Hu Rights and Hunger.
  • We’re both seniors.  Don’t talk to us about the g word.
  • We both love to cook… and eat.

And here are some things that keep us unique:

  • We study completely different things: English and Environmental Analysis & Policy (although they both start with E…).
  • We have different post-grad plans… Amber hopes to go to grad school or do hummingbird research in Costa Rica (casual…) and Bridget will maybe land a job in Boston.
  • Amber hails from Prairie Farm, Wisconsin, while Bridget is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.  Both are cute, quaint town names, even though our hometowns are quite different.
  • We’re borderline bilingual – Amber in French, Bridget in Spanish. 

So, that’s us.  And we want to get to know you!  Come check out the Summer Leadership Information Session next Tuesday, Jan. 22nd in the Howard Thurman Center.  It’ll start at 5:30PM, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have about the FYSOP Coordinator and CSC Program Assistant positions. Hope to see you there!


Amber & Bridget


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