FYSOP 24 Applications: Coming Soon!


Hey FYSOP fans,

Two big congratulations & updates from FYSOP world:

First off, congratulations to all the outstanding FYSOP Staff Leaders that were recently hired!  We’re looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, Wednesday, April 24th, at FYSOP Staff Meet & Greet from 7-9 p.m. in the Conference Auditorium.  

And another huge congratulations to the Class of 2017 for making the great decision to attend Boston University!  We hope to see you a week early in August participating in FYSOP 24.  Applications will be posted on the CSC’s website on Friday, May 3rd.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Orientation provides an opportunity for incoming students to meet FYSOP Coordinators and learn more about the program; that being said, interested students are welcome to apply when the application is posted and need not wait until their Orientation session.

Any questions, send them our way at fysop@bu.edu!


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