FYSOP 24 is 2 days away!

We are super excited to greet the 850 FYSOP participants shipping up to Boston University in just two days.  As you prep for next week, check out the following links in mind for helpful information:

  • Check out our pre-departure packet, for all the information you’d want to know about FYSOP 24, particularly about move-in, social media, and the issue areas.
  • Our travel itinerary eventbrite page is now closed. If you have not yet filled it out to let us know how you will be getting to Boston University, please email fysop@bu.edu.  All FYSOP participants must fill out a travel itinerary in order to participate.
  • Our new website: fysop.com has officially been launched! Please use this as a resource for the most up-to-date schedules, move-in information, and social media updates.
  • For answers to FAQs, check out the FAQs page on our website.
  • To learn more about your issue area, check out the issue area blogs, linked to our blog.

Cannot wait to meet each of you!  See you at the George Sherman Union plaza (775 Commonwealth Ave.) on Monday!


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