Summer Updates!

     We have some summer updates for you! Most importantly, we have finalized our decision of where the best froyo place is on campus. It was a close one between Cafe 472 and Angora, but the CSC summer staff overwhelmingly supports 472 for the winning title.
     Besides sampling various frozen yogurt, our Community Service Center staff has been up to some big things so far this summer. Our summer leadership staff has been working very hard to book coordinate service with various community partners across all of Boston, invite engaging and educational speakers, and plan thoughtful reflection activities for the week of FYSOP. Click this link to learn about all the summer staff, including the 22 FYSOP coordinators responsible for 11 different focus areas. You can also follow their blogs to see what they’re up to this summer and answer any questions you might have about FYSOP or Boston University in general! The coordinators will be posting periodically thought the summer, so check back for more information!
     The coordinators are in the process of finalizing their mission statements for their respective focus area, and are currently working on the visions for FYSOP. Stay tuned for further updates, and feel free to contact us at through email at or call us at (617) 353-4710.
    As always, be sure to check out our website and stay active over social media through Facebook, Twitter (@heyfysop), Instagram, YouTube all summer long.

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