Fourth of July, FYSOP, and Intersectionality


Happy Fourth of July from the Community Service Center! After a great weekend of fireworks, food and fun, all the coordinators for the 11 focus areas are back and working hard to plan an amazing week of FYSOP! A large emphasis of FYSOP is the connection between different focus areas, something we like to refer to as intersectionality. It’s important to realize that although each focus area is independently powerful and amazing, no real issue in our world lies in only one focus area. With intersectionality, we can combine and connect different focus areas to better understand the big picture and real issues in our society. For example, the Animals and Abilities focus areas connect with the use of service animals that help individuals with a wide range of abilities navigate their everyday lives. By taking these relationships into account we can gain a better understand of all of the focus areas and how they interact in everyday life. Our FYSOP coordinators have been working hard to help community members better understand the bigger picture of intersectionality. Check out their blogs this week, each focus area has posted an entry on how intersectionality relates to the work we do!


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