What is FYSOP?


Hello, dear readers! Our names are Andie and Christina, and we’re your friendly local FYSOP coordinators. Welcome to the first installment of the FYBLOG, where we bring you weekly doses of FYSOP!

But you may be wondering…what is the FYSOP?? What do those letters mean? They stand for the First-Year Student Outreach Project. A few words come to mind when we think of FYSOP: service, education, and reflection.


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FYSOP is an amazing opportunity to come and serve your new community in Boston before even starting school. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, you will go to different community partners in the Greater Boston Area in groups of 12-15 students to engage in direct and indirect service through the lens of one of ten focus areas. Whether you’re in the Animals group or the Gender and Sexuality group, you will find meaningful ways to connect with the community, your peers, and your upperclassmen staff leaders!



Before we get started on the service, Tuesday is a day dedicated solely to education. You’ll be able to learn about your focus area and maybe gain a new perspective on an issue you might know a lot about, or something you’ve never thought about before. You’ll also learn about how your focus area intersects with all the others, to create one giant, connecting web of social justice! You’ll hear from local speakers and do fun activities to help you gain an understanding of the issues to know how to better engage with the community.


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So you’ve done all of this great learning and service – you’re going to need to take some time to think back on your experiences and reflect. Whether this is a structured reflection with your group, or an independent self-reflective moment, FYSOP will make you think in ways you’ve never thought before.

And all this comes together to make an experience that isn’t only educational and impactful, but also fun! You will cheer until you lose your voice and maybe make lifelong friendships with the people in your group – all while experiencing the wonderful city of Boston!

We’re so uncontainably excited about you experiencing FYSOP, and we can’t wait for August when it all goes down!

To register or to find out more, visit our website!

If you need a little quiet time to reflect on this blog, click here. You deserve it.

See you soon!

Christina Smith, Food Justice Coordinator

Andie Spiek, Public Health Coordinator

Andie and Christina


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