Hello everyone! Alex and Sheridan here. Last week Toria and Allison talked about entering new communities with intention, which is a huge part of FYSOP as an entity. During community service days, we will be out in the city, learning not only about the mission of our community partners, but the communities that they support.

Today we’re delving more deeply into that intentionality with a discussion of allyship, or the way we as volunteers relate to the communities we serve. An ally is a person outside a community who stands in solidarity with that community in the fight for justice. At first glance, it may seem like physical service is the biggest part of FYSOP, but the motivation behind that service is just as important to consider. In the spirit of self-examination, we have created an allyship quiz just for y’all! It can be a great tool to help understand where we’re coming from as allies, as well as how to better our allyship in preparation for FYSOP. Click here to take the quiz!

Your allies in justice,

Alex Cohen, FYSOP 27 Abilities Coordinator

Sheridan Aspinwall, FYSOP 27 Animals Coordinator


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