Community Partner Highlight: Strongwater Farm



Strongwater Farm has been a Community Service Center favorite for as long as we can remember as BU students!

Volunteers help with maintenance tasks around the farm and interact with the patients of Tewksbury Hospital who get to spend time with the horses. Strongwater Farm offers educational opportunities and emotional support to people with disabilities. The bonds that form between the students and the horses are therapeutic and inspiring.

Something special about this community partner is that it highlights the intersectionality between abilities, food justice, environment, children, animals, and elders! Not only will the abilities and animals focus areas be serving with them during FYSOP 27, but the academic year volunteers for Joining Hands work with them year round. Wondering about the connection to Food Justice? They are starting their own farm this year!

“When I volunteered at Strongwater Farm as a freshman in the Joining Hands program through the CSC, I met a young boy who had been participating in the Therapeutic Riding program for a couple of months. I worked with him for my first session and I was amazed at how comfortable he was on the horse. He was constantly laughing and excelled at every activity the teacher threw at him. At the end of the session, he lovingly hugged the horse before heading home with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile myself as I watched him leave because the connection he had made at Strongwater Farm is what makes the place so special. But to make things even more spectacular, his teacher told me that when he arrived for his first lesson, he was too scared to even come out of the car. Strongwater Farm is not only a place of learning and growth, but it is a space that encourages its students to love and feel loved.” -Julia

Peace & FYlove,

Julia Correia (Elders Coordinator) and Mariah Logan (Human Rights Coordinator)

Peaches – a therapeutic horse – with a mohawk.


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