Why Should I Do FYSOP?


Hello, ladies and gents. Our names are Albert Jimenez and Lola Adeosun and we’re here to tell you why sitting at home on your couch, binge-watching the latest Netflix show, and daydreaming about Boston just aren’t gonna cut it as an end to your summer. *Disclaimer: these activities are occasionally practiced by us*


First-Year Student: But Albert, what else am I to do?

Albert: Not to worry anxious first-year, I’ve got just the thing, and it’s called…. FYSOP!

First-Year Student: FYSOP? New phone who dis?

Lola: Dis Lola. And THAT is the First-Year Student Outreach Project. FYSOP is a community service program that every first-year student at BU needs to experience, and I’m serious about that.

Albert: But Lola whhhhyyyyyyy?

Lola: *performs award winning monologue*

Lola: I am now three years deep in le FYSOP, and I can honestly say that this program is one of the best that BU has to offer. FYSOP gave me my first taste of just how magical college life could be and I couldn’t recommend any other jumpstart to my BU career. I was able to perform community service within a focus area that I was passionate about, Children. In Children, I was able to work directly with youth, as well as perform extremely meaningful indirect service such as helping teachers prep for the school year. In a few short days, I felt like I had really made a difference in the city I had only been exposed to days prior. I met new people and made new friends, and gained a deeper understanding of not only myself, but my new surroundings and community. Also, I received chocolate chip cookies as big as my head, what else does one need?

Albert: Brava! Quick Q tho, what do you mean by 3 years deep?

Lola: Well, I was a volunteer my freshman year (for Children), a staff leader my sophomore year (for Children), and now I have found myself coordinating the Children focus area my junior year. Can you tell I like Children? It was because of FYSOP that I felt prepared to immediately take on new activities at BU, and later on some mentorship roles.

Lola: What about you Albert? Why do you think a first year student would enjoy FYSOP?

Albert: A+ answer, Lola. In addition to all that, each focus area (anything from Animals to Environment to Public Health) is a specially-designed program that will educate its volunteers and allow them to serve all over the Boston Area. Taking a chance on FYSOP is not something you will regret. You will learn, you will grow, and you will blossom!

First-Year Student: That all sounds great! How can I sign up?

Lola: Our website would be the place to go. Just fill out the application and travel itinerary and we’ll see you in August!

First-Year Student: See you then!


All the excitement and FYLOVE in the world,

Lola Adeosun and Albert Jimenez


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