6 Reasons to Be Pumped for FYSOP



FYSOP is happening in less than two weeks! Here are just a few of the reasons y’all should get pumped to be a part of one of the best programs on campus!!

1.To Explore the City of Boston


The week of FYSOP includes three days of going to different neighborhoods in Boston, travelling by MBTA, vans, buses, and even our Boston University shuttle. This is a great opportunity to explore the city you’ll be in for the next few years, before the business of school sets in, knowing your new friends and staff leaders won’t let you get lost in your adventures!


2. To Learn More About Social Justice Through Intersectionality

As you learned in Ellie and Lucas’ blog on intersectionality, every focus area connects in some way to all of the other focus areas and are all working towards social justice. We will consider how our identities affect the way we think and act, and imagine ways to make a positive impact in the world. We’re excited for you all to have great discussions with your peers and staff leaders that come from these new discoveries.


3. To Reflect on the Days of Service


Social justice is a familiar topic for some, and a completely foreign thought to others- what unites all of us, is the idea that we are always learning from each other. Each day will include guided and/or free-flowing reflections, a time process to all you’ve been learning and all you’ve experienced. Come ready to ask and answer questions, to share your thoughts and experiences because your voice is unique and valued!

Boston science center.jpg

4. To Learn Cheers


A favorite activity of many FYSOP participators are the cheers! There is nothing quite as special as cheering as loud as you can for your focus area while the other focus areas are cheering around you. The sense of community that FYSOP builds is compounded into the joy and camaraderie felt in the middle of your favorite cheer.  


5. To Get Plugged Into The Community Service Center


FYSOP is a great way to be introduced into the wonderful world of the Community Service Center. Throughout the week, you can explore the many facets of what excites you within your respective focus area and beyond. Then, you can look into the many year-long programs the CSC has to offer, which can be an extension of the focus area you participated in or one you want to learn more about, as well as Alternative Service Breaks (a whole week of service in a different location!), and one time events (like Global Days of Service).


6. To Meet the Coordinators Who Wrote This Blog Post


This blog post was written by Gloria Chan (Environment Coordinator) and Lauren Sayah (Human Rights Coordinator). We are so excited to meet all of you in a few short weeks and are PUMPED for the FYSOP festivities to begin!

2016-24-15 16-24-03


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