Volunteer FAQs

Below is a list of important questions you may have. If other queries arise, please feel free to call us (617-353-4710) or email us (fysop@bu.edu).


How much will FYSOP 27 cost?
The cost of FYSOP 27 is $450. This fee includes housing, food, and program logistics.

Program fees are non-refundable.

The deadline to apply for need-based scholarships has passed. If participating in FYSOP is not financially feasible for you, there are plenty of other ways to get involved during the academic year! Check out our various programs that run throughout the year here.

Do I apply for the program or just purchase a ticket to reserve a space?

Participants can register for FYSOP 27 here! Once submitted, applications will be reviewed by the program coordinators.

I’ve submitted my application for FYSOP 27. When will I hear if I have been accepted to the program?
The earliest applicants will be notified about their acceptance to FYSOP 27 is mid-June. Throughout the summer, we will send decisions 2-3 weeks after an application is received.

Do I need to turn in a waiver if I am turning 18 before the FYSOP program begins?
If you will be turning 18 before FYSOP begins, you do not need to turn in a waiver, even if you are not 18 at the time of submitting your application. If you will be under the age of 18 during FYSOP, please submit a waiver, available here.

FYSOP said I was going to get an email but I never did?
If you haven’t received an email, please check the email address you gave us in your application (typically a BU email address) and be sure to check your spam folders. A lot of email providers automatically filter emails sent from BU accounts into spam folders. If you’ve checked everywhere and think we may have the incorrect contact info for you, feel free to let us know at fysop@bu.edu.


When and where is registration for FYSOP?
FYSOP registration will begin at noon on Monday, August 29th and continue until 5pm at the George Sherman Union.
Students must be present for both check-in at FYSOP and at their residence halls, these check-ins can not be completed by parents/guardians.

When can I move in?
Starting in early July, students will receive an e-mail from BU Housing asking that they register for a fall move-in date. Please register your move-in date as the earliest possible move-in day. (The database is not currently configured to allow students to register a move-in date of August 29th.) FYSOP will notify BU Housing and Residence Life of your participation in FYSOP so that you may move in on Monday, August 29, 2016. Please note that only FYSOP participants are approved to move-in on Monday, August 29, 2016.

Students participating in FYSOP will be allowed to move into their 2016-17 academic year housing assignment beginning around noon on Monday, August 29. In some cases, rooms may be not be available until 4pm. PLEASE NOTE – If a room was used during Summer Session, it is possible that a room may not be accessible until 4 p.m. on Monday, August 29th. FYSOP will be working closely with offices across campus (Residence Life, BU Housing and Facilities Management & Planning) to determine when rooms are available for occupancy. Please be patient – FYSOP may not know what time a particular building is available for occupancy until Monday afternoon. If your room is ready earlier than 4pm then students will be allowed to move in early. It is highly recommended that FYSOP participants check in with FYSOP at the George Sherman Union Plaza to learn if the student’s room is available for check-in. Please feel free to call the Community Service Center for updates: (617) 353-4710.

Do I need to submit a travel itinerary? Where can I find it?
Yes! Everyone who participates in FYSOP must submit a travel itinerary, even if you do not require a pick-up from the airport. The travel itinerary form link was sent out to all accepted students with their acceptance letter email. If you have already submitted a travel itinerary, but your travel plans have changed, please resubmit the itinerary and contact our office at fysop@bu.edu to update your information. If you have misplaced the confirmation email containing the itinerary please click here.

Can someone pick me up from the airport?
On FYSOP move-in day Monday, August 29, FYSOP staff leaders will be stationed at every freshmen residence hall to assist with the move-in process. In addition, staff leaders will be available to pick up students from the airport and bus station who are traveling alone. Staff leaders will be either taking the MBTA trains or driving vans to help students get all of their stuff back to BU. Please note that staff cannot take parents in the vans.

To request a pickup on the travel itinerary please check, “Yes, I want to be picked up,” and explain with as many details as possible how and when you are getting to Boston. All students must fill out the travel itinerary even if they do not wish to be picked up.

If we arrive before my housing assignment is ready for occupancy, will there be a place to temporarily store luggage?
Yes. Each Residential Campus will have a centrally located room, with security, to store luggage until the 2016-17 academic year housing assignment is available for move-in. If the storage location is not within the assigned building, it will be in close proximity.

What if a student is delayed and arrives on campus late at night on Monday, August 29?
This depends upon the time the student arrives on campus. If the student arrives after 6 p.m. on Monday, August 29, FYSOP recommends that the student go to his/her residence hall first, and check in. Residence hall check-in will be closed, but a Resident Assistant (RA) who is on call 24/7 will be available to assist students. The RA’s contact information is available in the lobby area of each residence hall. A parent or guest cannot check in on behalf of the student.
Once the student is checked into his/her residence hall, and if it is before 11 p.m. on Monday, August 29, FYSOP suggests the student joins the FYSOP program, which will be taking place in Metcalf, on the 2nd floor of the George Sherman Union (775 Commonwealth Ave).
**If a student is going to arrive late, please call the Community Service Center: 617-353-4710. Please make sure to plan ahead and to include this information in the travel itinerary. We do not want the student to miss any part of the FYSOP program.

What happens if it rains?
If it rains, we will hold check-in for FYSOP will be held inside the George Sherman Union (775 Commonwealth Avenue) instead of on George Sherman Union Plaza. All other activities will continue as planned.

Are moving carts available for move-in on Monday, August 29?
Yes. Students are permitted to sign out a cart from their Residence Life Office until midnight on August 30. Students will leave their BU Terrier Card in exchange for a cart. Due to the high demand for carts, students are asked to return the cart in one hour. The student’s BU Terrier Card will be returned to the student when the cart is returned. Parents cannot sign-out or return carts on behalf of their student.

Are there student volunteers, similar to Scarlet Squad, to assist with move-in on Monday, August 29?
FYSOP has over 180 student staff leaders who will be assigned to assist with the move-in process. In most cases, FYSOP student staff leaders will be available to help. Please note that if a student arrives after 5 p.m. on August 29, FYSOP student staff leaders will be preparing for Opening Ceremonies and they will have a limited presence in the residence halls.

Is there parking available during Move-in day?
There is on-street parking located near all on-campus residence halls. Various parking lots will be open that day for you to use such as:

  • Warren Towers parking garage (700 Commonwealth Ave)
  • Granby Lot (665 Commonwealth Ave.)
  • School of Management lot (595 Commonwealth Ave)
  • Kenmore Lot (549 Commonwealth Ave).
  • New Balance Field Lot (100 Ashford St.)

Please visit bu.edu/parking for more information

How much time will we have to unpack on Monday, August 29?
FYSOP opening ceremonies will begin ­­­in the evening on Monday, August 29. Once the student has left for opening ceremonies, parents and guests may continue to move their student’s belongings without the presence of the student until midnight on Monday, August 29. For safety and security purposes, parents and guests will be issued a wristband that will allow parents and guests access to the residence halls without their son/daughter until midnight on Monday, August 29.

Can parents have a room key to their student’s room on Tuesday, August 30, so parents can unpack while students are attending FYSOP events?
No. Parents and guests will be allowed access to student rooms without their student until midnight on Monday, August 29. Per the BU Guest Policy, after midnight on Monday, August 29, students will need to sign-in any guests or visitors, including parents. You are invited to review this document: http://www.bu.edu/dos/policies/lifebook/nonacademic/

If a parent is planning to come to Boston only once, should they plan on coming Monday, August 29, or should they come for Move-in Weekend on September 3rd?
This decision is completely up to you. If you feel comfortable moving in your student’s belongings in an afternoon, you are welcome to come on August 29 and move in before the official Move-in Weekend. This can allow your family to move in when there are fewer students arriving and therefore to miss some of the traffic that goes along with the official Move-In Weekend. Students will be kept very busy during the week of FYSOP and they will have little time for anything else, including visiting with family or guests. If parents feel a need to assist with unpacking and getting settled over a longer period of time, FYSOP recommends that parents plan to come for Move-in Weekend and Matriculation on September 3rd-5th. If you choose to do this, we recommend that parents send students with the basic essentials for the week of FYSOP.

Can students switch rooms or roommates during FYSOP Check-in?
No. If a student wishes to change their housing assignment after FYSOP, she or he will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, which can be obtained in the student’s Residence Life Office. Direct swaps are not guaranteed and must be approved by all residents involved, as well as Residence Life and BU Housing. Students should be prepared to remain in their assigned locations, as this process can take several weeks and is very complex.

Week of FYSOP

Can parents attend FYSOP Opening Ceremonies?
No. Opening Ceremonies is only for registered FYSOP participants.

Are students fed while they’re participating in FYSOP?
Yes. During the week of FYSOP, all meals will be served at the West Campus Dining Room and the 100 Bay State Road dining facilities from 5-7p.m. Students need to make sure they have their BU Terrier Card with them at all times. All on-campus dining facilities will be open and the academic meal plan begins on Saturday morning, August 29.
On Monday, August 29th, parents are welcome to join their students at the dining hall closest to their residence hall for dinner.

Can I visit with non-BU friends during FYSOP? Will I have any free time?
The week of FYSOP is jam packed. Students’ schedules will be filled from 8 AM breakfast until dinner ending at 7 PM each evening. Monday evening students have the option of eating with their parents, but all students will need to report to Marsh Plaza by 7 PM. Additionally, each night during the week of FYSOP has a different series of events that last till 11 PM and even midnight. While the events are not mandatory, the students are strongly encouraged to attend and interact with other freshmen and transfer students participating in the program. Students will have plenty of time to set up their room, get their books and get adjusted and ready for school the weekend after FYSOP.

Are students still able to join the BU Marching Band if they participate in FYSOP?
Any FYSOP participants that are interested in joining the BU Marching Band can still do so after FYSOP if they are a percussionist or color guard member. If interested in joining after FYSOP, please contact Aaron Goldberg, Director of Athletic Bands, at agold@bu.edu

What does a student do if he or she needs to ship a package to BU prior to arrival?
We ask students to ship packages with a delivery date that coincides with their arrival on campus and not prior to their move-in date. Unfortunately, BU does not have the facilities or staff on campus to store large numbers of packages prior to August 29. Students will find their 2016-17 mailing address, via the Student Link under the Food and Shelter tab. Students can use whatever shipping method best suits their needs (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.). Packages will be delivered to the student’s residence hall mailroom. Students will be notified of receipt of these packages, via his/her BU email address. FYSOP recommends that students travel with, or plan to purchase locally, the essential items they will need during their first few days on campus.

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