FYSOP Staff Leaders assist in the execution of the FYSOP program by leading a group of 12-15 first-year students throughout the week.  Staff Leaders return to campus six days earlier than the first-years for a comprehensive training.  The application to become a Staff Leader is available in the beginning of the second semester, and the hiring process typically occurs in late March.

The week of training for the FYSOP staff is the week prior to FYSOP. All staff are given housing in Warren Towers during the week of training. Staff can pick up their keys and move into their assigned rooms in Warren Towers on Tuesday, August 23rd between the hours of 10 am – 5 pm. We suggest moving in on the earlier side, rather than later. The staff will live in Warren Towers for the week of staff training.

On Monday, August 29th, the staff will be required to move out of their Warren Tower residences by 10:00 am. On that day, the staff will be able to pick up their keys and move in to their assigned academic-year on-campus residences. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to move into your new residences until 4:00 pm. We understand that there is a gap in time between moving out of Warren and moving into your new residences. All large dorms have storage locations in which you can store your belongings during those few hours.

We highly recommend that you bring only the necessary clothing and items that you need during staff training and FYSOP week when you are living in Warren, rather than unpacking all of your belongings.  You will have staff leader responsibilities on Monday, August 29th and will not have the entire day to move.

*IMPORTANT for students living off campus for Fall 2016: All staff are guaranteed housing during staff training week in Warren Towers. We do not provide housing for the week of FYSOP. This means that if you do not have a reserved on-campus residence to move into on Monday, August 29th, you need to make other accommodations for yourself, whether that means moving into your off-campus housing directly or staying with a friend until the September lease starts. During FYSOP week, on-campus residents will not be allowed to have overnight guests, so staying with someone on campus will not be an option. Please plan ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where will I be staying during staff training?

All staff will be staying in a Warren Towers room until 10am Monday, August 29th.

When can I move in to my Warren Towers residence?

Staff can check in to Warren Towers any time between 10:00am and 5:00pm on Tuesday August 23rd. During staff move-in to Warren Towers, all staff will receive a t-shirt, water bottle, and name tag, confirm their information in our database, and sign up for van training, if needed. After registration, staff will have until 7pm to move-in and get settled.

What happens if I’m arriving after 5:00pm?

If you arriving after 5pm, please contact fysop@bu.edu to let the FYSOP Program Managers know of your travel plans. When you arrive after 5pm, you will check-in with your focus area coordinators, who will put you in contact with the Assistant Director of the Community Service Center – Orpheo Speer – in order to receive your room keys for Warren Towers. If arriving in the middle of the night, call the Resident Assistant on-call to receive a temporary key. The number for the Resident Assistant on-call is located outside of the Residence Life Office to the right of security desk within Warren Towers.

Where can I store my luggage if my room isn’t ready when I arrive on Tuesday, August 23rd?

Warren Towers will have a designated space where staff leaders can drop off their belongings to be watched by a coordinator while their rooms are readied. Similarly, on August 29th, when staff move to their academic year residences, storage will be available within your residential area, if your room is not available.  

What should I bring for staff training?

Staff should bring enough clothes for at least two weeks. There will be an informal staff dance at the end of staff training, and there is no need to dress up for this. Bring comfortable clothes for sitting through presentations (and a sweatshirt — the GSU can get chilly!). Some focus areas will be doing service during the week of staff training, so staff should bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable to work in. Coordinators will be in touch with specific dress codes for service, if need be. Staff should also bring sheets, towels, and toiletries while living in Warren Towers.

But when will I bring all my stuff for the academic year?

There are a few options regarding transporting belongings into academic year residences. Staff can keep all of their belongings in their Warren Towers room during staff training, and transport these items to their academic year residence on August 29th, or ship all of their belongings separately to their academic year residences via mail. Staff should figure their situations out on a case-by-case basis.

Do I have to buy lunch and dinner on August 23rd?

Lunch will not be provided to staff leaders on staff move-in day. However, dinner will be available in the dining hall from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.

Do I have any responsibilities after I move in on Tuesday, August 23rd?

The staff will attend the welcome presentation at 7:00pm on Tuesday August 23rd in the George Sherman Union. Staff will be busy until about 9pm with an early start the next day.

Will I have free time during staff training?

Staff training is packed from morning until night, so staff leaders should not plan any activities outside of staff training or FYSOP.

Where will I stay during the week of FYSOP?

During the week of FYSOP, staff will be staying in their academic year residences. Staff living off campus must find a place to stay during the week of FYSOP, as they will not be provided on-campus accommodations for that week.

When am I moving into my academic year residence?

Staff move in to academic year residences on Monday, August, 29th. Staff must vacate their rooms in Warren Towers by 10am that day. The Office of Housing has determined that academic year residences will begin to open at 4pm. In the past, some academic year residences have opened sooner than 4pm, but we will not know which will be available at what times until that day. Additionally, Monday, August 29th is the first day of FYSOP and thus the day that first-years arrive. In this way, each staff leader will have a limited amount of time to transport their belongings to their academic year residence, and are expected to be present for their first-year move-in day duties.

What responsibilities do I have as first-years arrive for FYSOP?

Staff leaders are assigned specific roles to help facilitate first-year move-in. These include helping first-years check-in for FYSOP, helping first-years move into their academic year residences, picking up first-years from the airport, and helping set up for the FYSOP museum in the George Sherman Union.

What if I still have more questions?

Email Andie and Lucas at fysopreg@gmail.com to ask any further questions!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Melanie says:

    How do we notify housing about the early FYSOP move in (for on-campus residents)?

    1. fysop says:

      We will send housing a list of FYSOP coordinators, staff leaders, and volunteers before move-in, so you will be all set for Monday, August 26th.

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